The Moon Arts Project



The Moon Arts project began in 2008 when Astrobotic, a Pittsburgh robotics company, called for a meeting with Dean Robinson of the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon.

Dean Robinson gathered a meeting of Lowry Burgess, space artist with NASA, John Carson, head of the School of Art in the College of the Arts, and Golan Levin. the Head of the Studio for Creative Inquiry an experimental interdisciplinary center in the College. In the next two meetings an agenda evolved to establish the Arts on the Moon.

We quickly realized the extreme limitations because of the cost of payload because the payload costs were $1M million per pound or that our work would have to be nearly weightless and electromagnetic in nature interacting between the robot, the Moon and Earth. Next we sent out an open request to everybody in the university, in the College of fine Arts who wanted to present proposals to our steering group. The meetings were productive and the group decided on a series of 12 proposals. We then went to work expanding the team of artists, humanists, designers, scientists, and engineers. involved with emerging media, new and ancient technologies, as well as hybrid processes.

The MoonArk contains elements representing all the Arts and Humanities (art, architecture, design, music, drama, ballet, and poetry) –all engaging the most advanced sciences, engineering, technologies, and material sciences from the nano and micro scales and also outward towards infinite scales, including ongoing deep space radio-wave transmissions to the Andromeda Galaxy.

The set of nearly weightless payloads consisting of four chambers the MoonArk, is to be attached to the Lander’s platform. We have subsequently designed all of the aspects of the small cylinders – small precious miniature worlds containing enormous amounts of art, information and objects, as if we had put a whole cathedral of cultural meanings in each of the highly differentiated tiny cylindrical chambers.

At present we are at the final stages of design and beginning fabrication of the fabulous elements. The payload chambers involve the most advanced metallurgy and micro construction technologies including nano arts, as well as precious elements – diamonds and micro etched sapphire discs. These small chambers contain all of the arts art music design architecture drama ballet and poetry. In all the Moon Arts project is an historic first, lasting hundreds of million years on the surface of the Moon.

The Earth is woven and stirred by the Moon – and we, the “Moon Arts Group”, are artistically responding to all those fundamental movements and energies precipitated by the Moon on the Earth – the tides, the growth patterns of all life forms and most especially, the feelingful life of the Moon expressed in the arts since the beginning of human consciousness.