The Moon Arts Project



Design and fabricate a sculptural artifact that will provide a deep look at humanity through both historical and contemporary lenses, last for 1000s of years, endure the 238,855 mile trek to the Moon, and survive the decent to the lunar surface…in no more than 6 ounces of total payload (1/2 a can of Coca-Cola).

This seemingly impossible charge could only be realized through persistent iteration. For more than 3 years, our design team has developed many concepts that satisfied the design criteria and met the extreme technical requirements. Through multiple cycles of development, deep engagement with obscure subject matter, piles of discarded concepts, and heaps of patience, we’ve arrived at a stopping point. The culmination of our thinking, best practices in rapid prototyping and meticulous hand work is embodied in the form of the MoonArk. With the MoonArk launching in 2016, we will turn our sites towards future space missions and the concepts of additional markers that leave traces of humanity throughout the galaxy as ways to celebrate and decode the complex beauty of life on Earth.