The Moon Arts Group envisions creative ways of establishing a link between the Earth and Moon, advances the presence of human culture in space, and facilitates never before realized opportunities for art and exploration.

In 2015, Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute will send a rover to the Moon in competition for the Google Lunar X Prize. Legendary roboticist and founder of Astrobotic inc., Red Whittaker, has invited a team of artists to join this expedition.

During this mission, the rover will deploy a suite of artworks on the lunar surface – the Moon Arts Project. Lowry Burgess renowned space artist and professor at Carnegie Mellon, has brought together a large group of international artists, scientists and engineers involved with emerging media, new and ancient technologies as well as hybrid processes. Together they have generated several Space Art projects that fall into three main categories:

Lunar Performances employ the robot to carry out choreographed activities that will take place on the Moon, as a singular event or series of gestures.
Lunar Cargo consists of payloads that will permanently reside on the Moon.
Lunar Interaction exploits high-bandwidth communication with the robot to facilitate sensory links between the Earth and Moon.


During the first Moon landing, the world stood transfixed in amazement. In the intervening decades, not a single human has set foot on the Moon or traversed the void beyond orbit, leaving the future of space exploration in question.

We need to reawaken the sense of sublime wonder fundamental to our relationship with the Cosmos. Through collaborations between artists, scientists, and engineers we find, in our creative process, ways to overcome the separate languages, logics, and methodologies of our disciplines. Opening a free and inclusive space for dialogues about our place in the universe and responsibilities toward one another here on Earth is central to our agenda at this time.


A video from our first workshop

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MoonArts Documentary featured in the San Francisco International Arts Festival video screening curated by Frank Pietronigro


A new ballet composition by Andrew D. Kaiser, an artist working on the Moon Arts Project, will be premiered as part of an international forum held to mark the celebration of the anniversary of the first manned spaceflight in 1961. More information here.


Lowry Burgess, Director of the Moon Arts Group