"MoonArk is an artistic homage to the moon where it becomes a Cultural Heritage Site that anticipates the journey of humanity into luminous outer space"

From the “small stage that is Earth,” consider the life of light that shines through the entire MoonArk, a pentagonal structure comprised of four independent but interrelated exoskeletal chambers: Earth, Metasphere, Moon, and Ether. The conceptual structure for the chambers describes a narrative of outward progression–a journey or quest in classic narrative style of leaving home, journeying toward a goal, achieving the goal, and then journeying onward into the unknown rather than returning home.

The MoonArk will be shuttled to the moon in early 2023 as the primary cultural payload on Astrobotic Lunar Mission 1 to exist there for potentially thousands of years. The MoonArk contains elements representing the Arts (art, architecture, design, music, sculpture, drama, ballet, and poetry), Humanities, Sciences, and Technologies – all engaging the most advanced state-of-the-art material and fabrication practices – from the nano- and micro- scales, to the infinite scales including ever ongoing deep space radio-wave transmissions broadcast in 2016 in advance of the MoonArk’s journey in 2023.

The MoonArk is comprised of four independently themed chambers. Each chamber encloses an elaborate composition of platinum-engraved sapphire disks, hyper-colored metal murals, minerals and biological samples, micro payloads such as nano art and 1mm silicon chips, and an array of artifacts that provide a contemporary view of humanity at the time of launch. In some ways, each chamber serves as a time capsule; yet in other ways, together, they collectively provide a non-encyclopedic synthesis of the many dimensions of being human.

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  • Early concept sketch by Mark Baskinger

  • MoonArk concept sketch by Lowry Burgess

  • From concept sketch to reality, the moon-bound chambers