Project Manager

Matt Zywica

Matt Zywica is an Assistant Teaching Professor who teaches courses in drawing, visualization, meaning, and creative form making, with intentions to reach groups with individuals who come from a diverse range of experience and background.  His primary interests involve taking familiar experiences and approaches in everyday life to begin these discussions.

Matt has also collaborated with institutions to develop and teach design courses and programs for K-12 students interested in developing craft and computational design skills.

Matt holds a BFA in industrial design from the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign.


  1. Lower Ring Assembly

  2. Lower Ring Assembly

  3. Left Cage

  4. Nervous System of the Earth

  5. Right Cage

  6. Upper Ring Assembly

  7. Beginning of Calendric Time

  8. Biodiversity and Symbiosis

  9. Left Cage

  10. Metaspheric Infrastructure

  11. Upper Ring Assembly

  12. Transit Networks

  13. Lower Ring Assembly

  14. Upper Ring Assembly

  15. Right Cage

  16. Gravity

  17. Andromeda

  18. Left Cage

  19. Right Cage

  20. Sublime Earth

  21. Moon Scroll

  22. Left Cage